Farm Development

Farm development, empowerment of young upcoming farmers in Africa. The Co-op invests in sustainable development, food security and prosperity of Africa.

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Invest through the community development experts

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The Co-op invests in two of our greatest assets, people and land. The direct spin-offs of these investments are wealth creation, job creation, empowerment of black farmers and food security.

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The Co-op employs expert technical staff, including a veterinarian, agronomists, agricultural economists and irrigation technicians. These expert services are made available to emerging farmers to enhance the production capacity of their businesses.

In conjunction with Land Bank and the South African Government, The Co-op offers financing to emerging black farmers. Whilst the funds are provided through governmental channels, The Co-op is responsible for: Assessment of applications; administering of facilities; credit control and the bearing of all risks relating to the loans.

The Co-op furthermore provides farmers with project management and planning support as well as financial training to impart the necessary business acumen required to be profitable and sustainable. 

Apply now to become part of the Co-op Community Trust and enjoy fantastic benefits for your project!

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