Social Enterprise, Soete Swaan

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Table of Contents
Soeteswaan Production
Stroopwafels Process 1
Stroopwafels Process 4

Soete Swaan is a social enterprise from Humansdorp and produces handmade Stroopwafels using local ingredients. This delicious treat originated in the Netherlands but has gained worldwide fame. These Stroopwafels are handmade by youth from the Victory4All Skills Centre in Humansdorp. These young people are battling setback in their lives due to learning or mental disabilities, with little access to the labour market.

All profits are invested back into the Non-Profit Organisation.

Soete Swaan provides valuable workplaces for young people with disabilities or who have fallen behind in school. Buying Soete Swaan Stroopwafels is a direct investment in these young adults, because thanks to this work place, they have a better perspective on their future.

The Co-op Community Trust invested in this enterprise through marketing Soete Swaan Stroopwafels to The Co-op’s trading branches and through a monthly financial investment.

Soeteswaan Production
Social Enterprise

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