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The Co-op Community Trust was created in 2018 to uplift local communities. This is our story.

The Co-op founded the community trust to serve as vehicle for its community investment strategy

The Co-op Community Trust Strategies are in line with our National Development Plan, which aims to eliminate poverty by 2030.

The Co-op desires through the Co-op Community Trust, to invest in the rapid development of our communities’ assets.

The Co-op Community Trust advocates sustainable community upliftment by unlocking opportunities and addressing socio-economic needs.

Agricultural Development, Tourism Development and the development of our Human Capital is essential in the creation of jobs.

The Co-op Trust believes the most effective way to deal with all the socio-economic issues at hand, is the rapid development of every region’s local assets so that jobs may be created, so that wealth may follow.

Training and Education is essential to unlock and grow these opportunities.

To eliminate poverty and reduce inequality, the economy must grow faster and in creative ways that will benefit all South Africans.


This is what the Co-op Community Trust does on a daily basis.

Influence community organisations, projects, municipalities towards asset based community development
Facilitate community conversation and development workshops
Facilitate community planning sessions for development
Identify compliant NPOs and invest in operational costs like project management salaries
Support NPOs with Mentoring, Training, Evaluation, Monitoring and Compliance
Identify ECD teachers and invest in operational costs like salaries
Organise School workshops and winter schools
Implement organic food garden projects
Organise Work Ethic courses
Facilitate container based technology education centres
Facilitate container based health clinics
Actively pursue investment for socio-economic investment activities
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