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If you head a project that’s focused on socio-economic growth, education and training, care of the elderly or promotes health, the Co-op Community Trust might just be your most important partner.

Key focus areas

We bring positive change to local communities by focusing on four main areas.

Socio-Economic Growth

By focusing on investments into our local assets, we create jobs which put buying power into a community’s hands. And when communities have buying power, businesses grow. It’s a beautiful synergy that brings prosperity to all.

Training and Education

Education is one of the pillars of a successful society. Hand-in-hand with education goes training, which is education put into practice. Local communities enjoy dramatic improvement with proper training and education.

Care of the Elderly

The elderly possess a wealth of knowledge and wisdom accumulated through decades of experience. If we look after them, they’ll share it with those who come after. This gives the elderly an opportunity to feel useful at a time in life when they’re frail and need encouragement.

Health Promotion

When a community is overrun by ailments and infirmities, it’s impossible for that community to prosper. The more healthy the members of a community, the better for all. That’s why we make it priority to promote healthy living and offer access to medical facilities. Healthy people are productive people!
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