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To be part of innovative, exciting development projects in Africa, invest with the Co-op Community Trust.

Empower communities in Africa

You can make a huge impact in communities around you without adding a ton of work to your already busy schedule. Here’s how.

By investing in Sustainable Community Development

We professionally facilitate sustainable development on your behalf.

By actively pursuing your Corporate Social Responsibility

We professionally facilitate NPO development on your behalf.

By investing in registered legally compliant projects

We make sure projects are compliant and we do all the legal research and administration.

By channelling your investment to reach grass root beneficiaries

We make sure your investment reaches grass root beneficiaries and we supply reports.

By making sure your investment is monitored and evaluated

We do it professionally on your behalf.

By managing your investment in a responsible, transparent manner

We have a Social Investment Portfolio comprised of a list of projects we support.

By investing in Farming Development

We invest in agricultural projects through Joint Ventures and Partnerships.
Please contact us for more information about investment opportunities. You’ll love the business benefits.


Investing in the Co-op Community Trust comes with significant benefits for your business.

Tax Benefits

By joining the Co-op Community Trust you can expect a significant annual tax break, a welcome relief to any business at the end of the financial year.

BEE Scoare Card

If you’d like your business to flourish, you need to build your BEE score. By investing in the Co-op Community Trust, you’re making it easy. And you don’t have to spend time monitoring your score. We do it for you.

Ring Fencing Option

You know that any number of things could go wrong with or in your business, leaving your assets exposed. The Co-op Community Trust offers a practical solution to help protect your assets from a myriad of disasters.

Company Recognition

It’s no small matter to join the ranks of companies that look out for the needs of the communities they do business with. By joining the Co-op Community Trust you’re part of a prestigious group of companies known for caring for people. It’s a big deal.

Save Time & Energy

One of the greatest benefits of investing in the Co-op Community Trust is that you’re “buying” something priceless: more time. We spend our time doing the grunt work. And we do it right, so you won’t have to worry about unforeseen consequences for having missed some obscure regulatory measure.

Brand Exposure

The exposure your business receives by being part of the Co-op Community Trust is of immeasurable worth. Having a good name makes it much easier to sell your brand. It feels good to do good, and it makes you look great.
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