Agritourism is alive in Kouga!

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Kouga agritourism route association (kara)

Media Release: The Kouga Agritourism Route Association (KARA) was officially established on the 23rd of June 2021. The management board members were welcomed and congratulated by Willie Oosthuizen, the manager of the Co-op Community Trust. 

The Co-op Community Trust invests in the development of Agritourism and more specifically, the development of Agritourism Routes. Agritourism is increasingly being recognised as an important driver of economic growth because it has such a positive impact on so many other sectors.

kara board with insert

The Kouga Agritourism Route Association (KARA) Board: From left to right: Andre Adendorf – Woodlands Dairy, Crewelyn Katoo – Entabeni Farm, Wernich Cronje – Pabala Nature Reserve (Chairman), Angus Bruiners – First Nation Community Trust (Vice Chairman), Willie Oosthuizen – The Co-op Community Trust (Secretary), Rufus Dreyer – Grassridge Farm, Christo Serfontein from The Co-op (Treasurer) and Madelé Ferreira from Mooihoek Strawberry Farm.

The board members collectively share a rich source of knowledge and experience to invest in Kouga Agritourism and to enable inclusive socio-economic development of the Kouga community. 

KARA's Mission

To Establish a Kouga Strawberry, Milk, Ocean, Citrus, Honey, Khoi-San and Cultural Tourism Route for Sustainable Socio-economic Development .

Agritourism and nature tourism enterprises might include:

  • Outdoor recreation (fishing, hunting, wildlife study, horseback riding).
  • Educational experiences (cannery tours, cheese making, wine & honey tasting).
  • Cultural experiences (Khoi-San tours, visiting caves, fish traps and traditions).
  • Entertainment (harvest festivals or barn dances).
  • Hospitality services (dining, farm stays, guided tours or farm experiences).
  • On-farm direct sales (u-pick operations or roadside stands).

"The development of route tourism presents an important opportunity to grow SA’s Agritourism sector as route tourism is considered to be the best way to achieve sustainability in travel and tourism."

Rogerson, 2007

Become a member

To become a member of Kouga Agritourism Route Association (KARA) please email Willie Oosthuizen for more information at :

Apply now to become part of the Co-op Community Trust and enjoy fantastic benefits for your project!

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