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Care of the Carers Support Group

Charein Coenraad
Monday, March 27th, 2023
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The Co-Op Community Trust and other stakeholders have discovered that the majority of community workers in Kouga and Koukamma are often exposed to traumatic and stressful situations. Their responsibilities include providing counselling to those who have experienced trauma, caring for the elderly, providing services to victims of substance and physical abuse, gangsterism, and violence. Caregivers are expected to provide emotional support to those who are emotionally fragile. The majority of community workers with whom we interact are underpaid, overworked, and emotionally drained. They are not always adequately equipped to manage the daily pressures of having to deal with helping hurting people. Some care workers are on the verge of burn out.

In light of this, The Co-Op Community Trust facilitates the empowerment of community and NPO care workers in the helping profession by establishing Care of Carer support groups. These COC groups provide information and assistance to carers so that they can in turn support and assist the beneficiaries of their various projects.



Empowering care workers with knowledge and skills to impact beneficiaries and encourage collaboration.


Most people working in the helping professions consider their work a “calling”.  As a result of their work, caregivers all over the world are daily in danger of exhaustion and burnout. Depression, anxiety, and anger-related problems can develop without adequate rest and support. Care of Carer support groups are open to everyone at no cost, and it offers an opportunity to talk to others who understand the challenges that people in the caring profession face. These groups aim to offer.


  •  A feeling of belonging from increased social interaction.
  • A safe space to open up and gain insight from others' personal stories. Carers may benefit from learning that they are not alone in their experiences of caring.
  • A platform where carers can share their experiences with the knowledge that they will be heard and respected by others in the same position.
  • Practical, useful information, such as how to find a particular service or how to handle a specific problem.
  • To be a source of encouragement and inspiration beneficial to both new caregivers and to those who have been doing this work for a while.

Come be part of our community of caregivers! We are dedicated to keep on providing outstanding service to our clients, while also taking care of our own health and well-being. If you find that you are in need of support, a Care of Carers support group is just what you need!

Apply now to become part of the Co-op Community Trust and enjoy fantastic benefits for your project!
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