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POPIA Compliance

Willem Oosthuizen
Thursday, July 1st, 2021
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Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)

From 1 July 2021, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is coming into full effect. The law is designed to protect how your data is used, stored, and processed. We think that is great!
Whilst we love keeping you updated about news and projects and giving you great information through our newsletters, we take your privacy and personal information extremely seriously.

Please see this link which details our full privacy policy.

With the POPI Act coming into effect on the 1st of July 2021, we would like to make sure that you are happy to continue receiving emails from The Co-op Community Trust.
If you would like to keep receiving our emails and newsletters, then you do not need to take any action at all.
If you would like to stop receiving our newsletters, emails, special offers, or promotions, you can opt out of these emails by clicking on "unsubscribe" at the bottom of this newsletter.
If you change your mind at a later stage, you can always opt out at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.


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